2015 Trophy Winners


Ellis Lakin & Co 8 Years Girl Honey Boyes
Appleyards Trophy 8 Years Boy Richard Gale
 Heather Robson Trophy  9 Years  Girl  Isla Mayfield
 RSC  9 Years  Boy  Ben Wilson
 Natwest Bank Trophy  10 Years  Girl  Emily Frank
 The Cooper Trophy  10 Years  Boy  Archie Leggett
 11 Years  Girl  Abby Ryder
 David Roberts Trophy  11 Years  Boy  William Brown
 Paddisons of Pickering Trophy  12 Years  Girl  Olivia Darrell
 Barclays Bank  12 Years  Boy  Herbet Antcliff
 Bay Horse Trophy  13 Years  Girl  Abigail Smith
 McKechnies Trophy  13 Years  Boy  Jonathan Cook
 R V Roger Ltd  14 Years  Girl  Emily Grayson
 Hill & Jackson Trophy  14 Years  Boy  Jacob Head
 RC Hann Cup  Open  Girl  Helen Davies
 The Jean Ward Trophy  Open  Boy  Chris Cook
 9 & 10 Years  Girl  Emily Frank
 The Johnson Trophy  9 & 10 Years  Boy  Archie Leggett
 The Jan Laverick Trophy  11 & 12 Years  Girl  Olivia Darrell
 The Paul Wright Trophy  11 & 12 Years  Boy  William Brown
 13 & 14 Years  Girl  Emily Grayson
 Ryedale Swimming Club  13 & 14 Yers  Boy  Jacob Head
 Ryedale Swimming Club  Open  Girl  Helen Davies
 Ryedale Swimming Club  Open  Boy  Chris Cook
 Misellaneous Trophies
 Pickering Town Council  Best newcomer  Girl  Autumn Head
 Television House  Best newcomer  Boy  Duncan Barf
 Becky Door Trophy  The Biggest Achiever in Teaching  Ed Stanley
 Most improved 12 & under  Girl  Izzy Nichols
 Most improved 12 & under  Boy  William Brown
 Mrs Ellis Cup  Most improved 13 & over  Girl  Abigail Smith
 Mrs Ellis Cup  Most improved 13 & over  Boy  Dan Towler
 Best Attendee  Comp  Toby Antcliff
 The presidents Trophy  Young Volunteer of the Year  Evie Wright
Donne as a keepsake for the Winner  Services to the Club  Jane Metcalf
 The Coaches Award  Club person of the Year  Jacob Head
 Team Captain Shirts Issued  Girls Team Captain  Evie Wright
 Boys Team Captain  Jacob Head
 Girls Team Vice Captain  Jenny Roberts
 Boys Team Vice Captain  Dan Towler