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Ryedale Swimming Club – Fee Increase Announcement

For several years now, RSC has managed to freeze their fees for Members. However, despite the Club being run by volunteers, RSC still has many financial demands which have not remained static (ASA Fees, Pool Hire Fees, Health and Safety compliance for equipment etc.) As such, the Club has felt it necessary to introduce a slight increase in the current fees and hope that parents will understand the necessity of such a requirement.

As such, from January 2016 the following fees will apply:

  Fees Membership Total
Teaching (25 mins) £29 £10 £39
Teaching (50 mins) £32 £10 £42
Competition Squad* £45 £10 £55
Junior Masters** £25 £10 £35

*Please note the Wednesday training will now finish at 8.45

**Junior Masters are now invited to an additional training session on Sunday

If there are any problems regarding the new fee structure or the dates for collection, please speak to your child’s Coach as soon as possible to prevent any misunderstanding and repercussions for late payment.


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