Club Fees

Ryedale Swimming Club Fees

Swimming Club Fees* for the period April to June 2019 will be collected on Wednesday 6th and Wednesday 13th March. Volunteers will be collecting money in the swimming pool foyer as usual.

 Session Fees Membership Total
Teaching (30 mins) £32 £10 £42
Teaching (60 mins) £38 £10 £48
Competition Squad £52 £10 £62
Mini Masters £38 £10 £48
Junior Masters £38 £10 £48
Adult Masters* £50 £10 £60

*Note – these maybe subject to change

Sep 19: The increase in Adult Masters is due to the addition of the additional swimming session on Fridays

Fees will be collected during

March (for Apr, May, June)
June (for Jul, Aug & Sep)
September (for Oct, Nov & Dec)
December (for Jan, Feb, Mar)

Where a family have three child swimmers  at the club there are no swimming fees payable for the third child. Only membership fees are payable for the third child.

If there are any problems regarding the new fee structure or the dates for collection, please speak to your child’s Coach as soon as possible to prevent any misunderstanding and repercussions for late payment.


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